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Sliding Door Roller Repair

Do you know what makes your sliding door work the way it should? Half of the sliding system process depends on the rollers, yes It takes lots of details to get your doors rolling properly and smoothly as you wish and our main focus is to get your door rolling like new again. When your sliding door rollers are not working properly that’s not possible.

A sliding door commonly installs on the exterior of your home, exposing it to the outside elements, like humidity and air salt. Over time, the rollers can wear out because of the amount of dirt and debris often found in the tracks, and because you constantly open and close the door.

Poor maintenance can also be the cause of a roller that does not work well, such as the lack of track cleaning and the use of inappropriate products, such as WD40, grease, vellum and cooking oil, which are the most unsuitable products commonly found on our Customers’ doors.

Replacing the old sliding door rollers your door glides along the tracks once again. Sliding door rollers are typically made of steel and fit inside a metal casing. Like everything else in life, sometimes they stop functioning properly and need a little bit of care.

We prefer, whenever possible, the use of stainless steel rollers, as they provide greater resistance to external agents and consequently greater durability.
There are a multitude of different types of rollers specific to each type of door. For each of them we have a solution. Our technicians carry the type of roller your door requires and once the estimate is approved, they are able to make the repair right away.

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