Pet door


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Pet Door Repair and Installation in Miami Dade
Do you want to install or replace a door for your pet?

Did you know that it is possible to give your pet freedom to go out to the backyard to do their physiological needs and go back inside whenever they want in a totally safe way?

Yes, with our pet door you can give your pet autonomy in a safe way, giving him total freedom to circulate in every room of your home, keeping the fresh air inside your home and the unwanted insects and animals on the side out. Pet doors can be installed on practically all types of doors or surfaces, such as sliding glass door, screens, french doors, garage door, windows and walls, with a totally affordable price.

With our pet doors you have total control of access of your pet to the environments, being able to release access, for example only to the outside, only to the inside, to both sides or block access for both. sides. Our technicians are trained to provide the solution your pet needs.

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