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Shower Glass Door Repair


Door Doctor is recognized as Miami’s go-to expert for shower glass door repair, providing swift and effective solutions to issues like leaks, broken glass, or damaged tracks. Our experienced team conducts thorough assessments to decide whether a simple fix or a complete replacement is needed, ensuring the functionality and aesthetics of your shower are restored. In addition to specializing in shower glass repairs, Door Doctor offers an extensive array of glass repair services. These include fixing foggy windows, repairing broken seals, undertaking complete glass replacements, and performing wood repairs

.Building on a strong reputation supported by thousands of successful projects for residential and commercial clients, we focus on delivering lasting solutions and avoiding unnecessary replacements. Whether facing a malfunctioning sliding glass door, a residential window issue, or needing urgent repairs for a commercial storefront to resume operations, Door Doctor stands ready to assist. We are committed to being Miami’s premier glass repair service, providing comprehensive solutions for windows, doors, sliding glass doors, and entry doors.

For anyone in Miami seeking a reliable and efficient fix for their glass-related issues, Door Doctor guarantees satisfaction and quality with every service. We are your trusted source for all glass repair needs in Miami.

The accumulation of pet hair under the door, on the rollers and on the tracks also impairs the proper functioning of the mechanism, which can cause damage to a sliding glass door.
humidity, water accumulation on the tracks, salty air and proximity to swimming pools are related to the premature damage of the system by oxidation of the metallic parts.
It is of utmost importance that at the first sign of malfunction of your sliding glass door you hire our professional services, because once the damaged rollers they will fatally damage the track, which consequently will damage the handle and the lock, thus considerably damaged the cost of restricting the system.


Locks that do not work properly are also a frequent problem faced by our customers. Our professionals are able to repair all types of locks and cranks and are also able to install mechanisms that bring even more security to our customers’ homes, such as a double lock.

One of the most serious problems that our customers may encounter are glasses disconnected from the frame, as the glass is exposed and brings a high risk of breaking, thus causing great damage and inconvenience.
Leakage (leakage) is another problem that brings a lot of discomfort to our customers, because in addition to causing them to lose air conditioning, thus increasing the energy bill, they can still cause wind noise and the entrance and external sound and rainwater. The most frequent causes for the lack of sealing are the misalignment of the door due to the wear of the rollers, peeling of old, worn or dried time, old cooking and the incorrect level of the sliding glass door.

We have extensive experience in repairing sliding impact glass doors, which are hurricane protection doors, with a wide variety of rollers, locks and handles for these specialized doors.

Our commitment is peace of mind and there will certainly be no peace of mind when you have a broken glass door in your home or a sliding glass door stuck or a lock that doesn’t work properly.
Our professionals are those who can safely and properly care for your door, who can safely repair the sliding glass door and properly examine the problem. A handyman is not a professional who can remove them safely, without injury and without damaging them. We are specialized in this!

Our technicians are the best in the business when it comes to repairing sliding doors. We have a large selection of rollers and parts available to fit any sliding balcony door. We transport parts for different types and brands of doors so that we can make repairs in a single visit.