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sliding door patio screen installation in miami
Screen door Repair and Installation

Screen utensils such as screen door, window screen and patio enclousure are extremely useful for your home, especially in tropical regions, where there is a high incidence of insects and animals such as frogs and frogs. The screens offer a totally safe protection against these animals because they are made of highly resistant materials.

If you have a sliding glass door you may not know it, but you can have a screen door in your home, being able to enjoy the fresh air and still keep insects and animals out and still lower your energy bill. If you already have a screen door and it is in poor condition, without a screen or with damaged rollers, know that it is perfectly possible to repair it and leave it working as new again. In most cases the frames are in good condition needing nothing more than a few professional repairs.

If your old screen door is no longer suitable and cannot be repaired, we can also solve your problem by installing an entirely new screen door in the color and size you need, with the highest quality material and durability that will keep insects and unwanted animals out for much longer.

It is even possible for you to have a screen door on the front door or any french door, whatever your screen related problem we can help you. Lower your energy bill by saving on air conditioning, keeping insects and other unwanted animals out of the way using your screen door.
Patio Enclosure and Poll Enclosure Repair

Keep mosquitoes and animals out while you enjoy good times and fresh air on your patio or pool. If your enclousure and poll enclousure patio structure is bad, know that you shouldn’t spend a lot of money to remove the old one and install a new one. It is perfectly possible and feasible most of the time to do nothing more than repair the screens and structures making it fully functional again.

We change the damaged screen screens, replace the rusty screws, fix the doors and springs when they can be repaired or replace when they cannot be repaired anymore, in short, we carry out all the necessary repairs to leave your environment free of insects, mosquitoes and other unwanted animals at a very affordable cost.

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