Impact Window Repair


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 impact windows repair

The excess of humidity and salt in the air in coastal cities, together with the lack of maintenance or incorrect maintenance are one of the main factors responsible for damaging the mechanisms responsible for the correct functioning of a window. These factors cause rust and corrosion on the rods and springs balances of the windows, making them not work properly anymore.

The good news is that it is possible to repair and get the window back to working as new again, without having to spend a lot of money replacing the entire window. Our technicians are able to repair your window and keep it running smoothly like new.

Another point of concern is the correct functioning of the window lock. A window that does not lock well can be a weak point to facilitate the entry of unwanted intruders. That is why it is important to have windows locking very well for the safety of your family and your property. We have the right lock for your window, bringing security back to your home.

Leaking is another common problem that we can see in the windows. They can occur for several reasons, such as old and dry sealing and cooking, weather screen problem or drain problem. For all these problems we have the solution
It doesn’t matter if your window is regular or impact window, we can repair it, we are experts!

If you are thinking of exchanging your windows for hurricane windos we can do it for you too. Impact Windows has many advantages for you. In addition to protecting your family and home from tornadoes, hurricanes and tropical storms in an extremely safe way, it still brings you great savings, as it significantly lowers your account at your home insurance agency. In addition, it also provides a reduction in your energy bill, as its layers of tempered glass make a filter for ultraviolet rays, thus decreasing the heat inside your property and requiring less use of air conditioning.

In addition to these financial advantages, it also brings more security against unwanted intruders, since Windows impact are made of extremely resistant materials and represent a barrier to unwanted intruders.
They also provide a reduction in external noise, as they are a barrier against sounds, bringing more comfort to your home. In addition, they bring an air of modernity to your home, valuing your property.

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