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What Are Commercial Impact Glass Windows and Their Advantages?

In the midst of hurricane or tornado season, every outdoor property faces potential risks, including storefronts and commercial doors. Traditional glass storefronts can easily shatter in adverse conditions, presenting numerous safety hazards. This vulnerability is due to the fact that standard glass can break with a relatively minor impact, dispersing shards in all directions and putting everyone at risk.

Commercial impact glass windows have been engineered to safeguard storefronts and other commercial structures, enduring strong winds and substantial force. Typically, manufacturers evaluate the resilience of impact glass by subjecting it to rigorous tests involving the propulsion of heavy objects (such as wooden beams, steel balls, etc.) at speeds of up to 15 meters per second.

When considering replacement windows for your storefront, it is highly recommended to explore the use of commercial impact glass to ensure the safety of your property and the well-being of your customers.

Advantages of Commercial Impact Glass Windows and Doors

Commercial impact glass windows have been specifically crafted to absorb the forces frequently associated with severe weather conditions, but their advantages extend beyond just storm protection. Given that these impact windows are constructed using laminated or tempered glass, retailers can anticipate the following benefits:

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: If you rely on air conditioning, impact glass can assist in maintaining a fresh indoor atmosphere. During colder seasons, heat retention becomes more efficient, and the insulation offered by this type of glass greatly simplifies temperature control, resulting in energy savings.

Improved Insulation: Multiple layers effectively block the intrusion of external air and noise, making it effortless to create a unique environment within your store. You can easily manage temperature settings, music levels, and even odors.

Reinforced Security: Impact glass may break, but doing so is no simple feat. In the event of a break-in attempt, an intruder would need to exert a significant amount of effort and force to breach each layer, potentially deterring criminal activities.

Added UV Protection: Depending on your customer base and the merchandise you offer, it’s worth noting that impact glass effectively blocks up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This translates to reduced product damage and increased defense against excessive sun exposure. Moreover, your patrons can still bask in natural sunlight, thanks to the integrated UV protection feature.