Shower Glass Doors


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shower glass door

Shower Glass Doors

The shower glass door whether for large architecture or for a small residential project, the fact is that, nowadays and knowing all the benefits that a shower glass doors adds, regardless of the size or purpose of a project, it is unimaginable that don’t think about the advantages of this wonderful accessory. Durability, practicality, harmonization of environments and ease of maintenance are just some of its adjectives.

There are three types of glass, authorized by NR 14207, for the manufacture of the Box, each with a specific characteristic, Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass or Tempered Glass with Safety Film. They are glasses that, during the manufacturing process, acquire the condition of safe glass and, at the same time, have their tonality, thickness and dimension defined, making it personalized.

With constant innovations, a new and wonderful option presents itself as one of the most beloved, it is the shower glass type, with incomparable aesthetics, for the composition of environments.
The applicability of shower glass is dynamic, and can be used in addition to the bathroom, as a room divider, whether to divide or even decorate a space, leaving the environment charming and cozy. Technological advances in the glass manufacturing process and new ways of making it available favor creativity and sharpen the good taste of architects, decorators and many other professionals.

For any product offered on the market, it is necessary to be aware of the necessary care to ensure its useful life. The shower glass, despite all the qualities, already mentioned above, after its installation, what will allow it to have greater durability will be the care given to it. Cleaning must be carried out with the products indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions.


Never use acidic or alkaline products to clean the mirror (such as ammonia, which is present in many cleaning products).
Do not use abrasive products on the mirror surface (such as sandpaper, abrasive pads, soap, steel wool, etc.).
Before you start cleaning a mirror, remove any dust that has settled on its surface with a feather duster or a clean, soft cloth.
A clean, soft cloth soaked in alcohol can be used. In this case, always apply the product to the cloth and not directly to the glass.
To finish cleaning, use a clean, dry and soft cloth to remove possible drying stains and don’t forget to dry the edges at the end.

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